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1.7 juta Pekerja Asing, 50% Tanpa Permit
By Msuri

26/2/2001 10:17 am Mon

Rencana ini menyebut terdapat 1.7 juta pekerja asing, dimana majoriti mereka dari Indonesia dan Bangladesh. Lebih separuh atau 50% dari mereka (yakni 0.85 juta) tidak berpermit.

Bayangkan keuntungan sindiket yang membawa mereka ke negara ini. Jika satu kepala dikenakan RM400, mereka sudah mendapat 680 juta di atas angin sahaja. Sudah tentu banyak pihak yang mendapat habuan 680 juta ini.... bagi-bagilah polis sikit, imigresen sikit tetapi jika tawkey besar mesti banyak punya. Patutlah beberapa pegawai ini hidup mewah, ada pendapatan sampingan.

CUba hitung baik-baik. Bilangan pengundi baru dalam daftar SPR lebih kurang 1.2 juta lebih... Hmmm... nampaknya ada ngam? s=asia/headlines/010225/asia/afp/Malaysian_police_on_alert_to_ beat_off_Indonesian_migrants.html

Sunday, February 25 1:34 PM SGT

Malaysian police on alert to beat off Indonesian migrants


Malaysian police were on alert to prevent the illegal entry of thousands of Indonesians fleeing their country's social unrest, a top security official said Sunday.

"We have obtained information from Indonesian authorities that thousands of Indonesians are waiting for the right time to enter Malaysia," Muhamad Muda, marine police chief told AFP.

Muhamad said the migrants were waiting in Sumatra and Batam island to try to sneak into Malaysia's west coast states of Selangor, Malacca, Negri Sembilan and Johor in search of employment.

"The economic and political instability in Indonesia are the push factors," he said, adding "the police are on high alert following a sudden influx of illegals in January and February."

The Indonesian enter Malaysia in rickety boats across the Malacca Strait under cover of darkness and sometimes use the control tower lights of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport to guide them towards Selangor, he said.

"It may get worse, given the social unrest that has been reported in various parts of Indonesia," the senior assistant commisioner said.

Lee Lam Thye, vice president of the Crime Prevention Foundation said more Indonesians would attempt to enter Malaysia illegally, fleeing social and political unrest.

"They will pose a lot of social problems. It can be crime or anything else," he told AFP.

"The fear is that their entry will bring about undesirable consequences," Lee said, adding "we are of the view that the authorities should ensure adequate reinforcements to check their illegal entry."

Muhamad said police have deployed hundreds of security personnel and more than a dozen boats to patrol the Malacca Strait between Malaysia and Indonesia.

"A three tier security net is in place to nab the illegals," he said referring to the sea and land patrols and paramilitary police in fixed locations suspected to be popular entry points.

Malaysia has some 1.7 million foreign workers, mostly from Indonesia and Bangladesh. Nearly half of them lack permits.

Muhamad said more than 1,500 Indonesian migrants had been arrested at sea while trying to enter Malaysia since January until now.

The numbers are way above last year's average of 200 and 300 illegals caught in any month, he said. Many Indonesians work in the construction and plantation sectors and earn about 150 dollars a month.

Muhamad said bodies of 26 people were fished out from the sea during the period but police believe the actual number of drownings may be higher.