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Kg Medan: Open Letter to Samy Vellu
By Kotravan Paari

23/3/2001 1:22 am Fri

[Nah... baca satu surat terbuka khas buat Samy Vellu yang cuma mampu menangis itu bila tragedi seperti ini berlaku. Samy Vellu seharusnya berundur segera kerana asyik menutur kata yang sedap dibibir sahaja sedangkan faktanya tiada. Sebaliknya kaum India terus terpinggir dan makin terhilang dari dunia. Yang muncul gerombolan gang penjenayah sehingga mencecah ribuan banyaknya dan ahli MIC sendiri tidak terkecuali turut terlibat sama. Sepatutnya Samy Vellu berundur segera - barulah tangisan itu lebih bermakna dan kaum India tidak mati sia-sia di Kg Medan yang sememangnya diwakili Umno (baru(a)) - rakan karib Samy juga.
- Editor

Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2001 22:55:31 -0800 (PST)




Dear Datuk Seri,

I remember June 1992 well. I was in college then. It was the time when the Telecom share scandal came to light. You have allegedly redirected 9 million of the shares to 3 crony-controlled companies, it was reported. You broke down and cried.

Nearly 8 years have passed since; yet again I see you crying, this time in front of the whole nation.

What now Datuk Seri, our fate, instinctively I tend to ask?

The reality we now face is stark. We are an alien community in the very place of our birth. Our ancestors may have played a role in freeing this nation from the grips of the British, the colonial "masters" of yesteryears; we may even have played a role in developing this country; but aiyo, we are now but a fringe community in our very motherland!

For ages, indicators have been showing that Indian Malaysians are lagging; that our corporate share is showing no sign of edging past that perennial mark of 1 percent, while the Malay community that began at about the same level, was already scratching their 30 percent target.

Whatever happened Datuk Seri, why have we lagged behind, forever and ever?

All is not lost; we are leaders at least in something, you may proudly say. Leaders ... What would that be, sir, may I venture to ask? Ah, Indian Malaysians incidentally happen to be big -- that too real big -- in crime, in gangsterism, in suicide rate and in samsu business.

Oh that, Datuk Seri, I am very well aware. Wasn't it sometime in September 1995 when the Home Ministry expressed concern and went on to report that there were well over 1000 gangs nation-wide? I also happen to remember another story that broke the following month about 700 samsu sellers, some of whom were members of your esteemed party!

Datuk Seri, those aren't figures that make us proud; those are sad figures -- figures that indicate what a failed leader you have been. Yes, while the problems we face are big, the solutions suggested are small, nay peace-meal, pathetic, pitiful!

Every now and then you rant and rave about the dismal living conditions of Indian Malaysians; but then, in the very next occasion you contradict yourself by saying how much Indian Malaysians have progressed. Datuk Seri, which Samy Vellu, you want us to believe?

Every year, without fail, you gather your members in the MIC General Assembly to pass resolutions; for the past 20 years there has literally been little, or no, change in the document produced. Why Datuk Seri? Is that an indication that the leader is full of empty air?

All that 20 years ... Indian Malaysians might as well been rudderless! Steer, you seldom did; as a shoal, you frequently stood: a good role model, you never were; so, small wonder that our youth absorbed everything bad!


21 years: years of shattered dreams. Kg. Medan is now hovering above us, made by the stuff that makes nightmares.

The horror! The horror!

The present is uncertain; the future appears bleak. In the aftermath, there are those who try to find permanent solutions; there are those lay confused, paralysed -- mentally or physically; there are those who go on the prowl seeking scapegoats, persons or groups to accuse: there are those who see the structural nature of the trouble; there are those whose minds cannot transcend that welfare paradigm.

I know your predilections, Datuk Seri. And it doesn't augur well for our future. It is a truly sad moment for all Malaysians. But a positive difference can be made, if you wish. Yes, sir, it is in your hands.

Our nation needs decisive leaders, not deceitful ones: one who respects and follows the rule of law, not one breaks it with impunity; one who is a person of the people, not one who lords over them; one who takes pride in being of service to others, not one wallows in power accumulated; one who delivers results, not one who cries.

Datuk Seri, please leave; at least we'll know for sure that those 6 lives weren't lost in vain!

Kotravan Paari.
(A wonk "jalanan")