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Oh Short Memories
By tv3

21/4/2001 6:38 pm Sat

Assalamualaikum/Selamat Sejahtera
Semua Pejuang REFORMASI

With all due respects to Anil Netto, who's articles are always well researched and informative, we beg to differ in his assessment of life after Daim.

We were categorically told by a crony Tan Sri that news of imminent split between these two is NEVER to be believed! How does one separate the flesh from the nail without tremendous pain? These two have been tickled pink, scratching each others backs that we feel sure that they are going to keep on scratching, for a long time yet! And IF, (continues this crony Tan Sri) there is a real separation of ways, then it can only mean one thing. That is, BOTH ARE WORKING ON ABSCONDING!

We are more inclined to think that this is yet another "sandiwara" by the academy award winning director, Mahathir, to divert attention and to garner sympathy from being bombarded on economic issues, come the general assembly in June! By having Daim "away", there is not much he can answer as all the sh*t were handled by the Finance Minister. He gets away yet again (he thinks)!