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Congrats Good Dictator, Thank You “Empty-you-see”
By tv3

12/5/2001 1:37 pm Sat

Assalamualaikum/Selamat Sejahtera
Semua Pejuang REFORMASI

The “good dictator” has done it again. He has again averted a potential embarrassment to his irrelevant regime by asking for a “time out” from MTUC. Well, to begin with, I was never actually totally convinced that it would take place. I am of course referring to the “nationwide” picket of 12thMay01. I mean, my hopes were burning with enthusiasm and expectation of the biggie. What better way to again replay in everyone’s minds of the daylight robberies that has been going on, “dulu, kini dan selamanya”, particularly of the EPF funds! What better way when the messengers currently languish incommunicado for “building-up a collection grenade launchers, with a view to blasting Putrajaya away!”

Frankly, in my heart of hearts, something (that lingering something) always seems to whisper that it was never going to be. I said so, in not the exact words via my article, “ISA – Terkini Dari Bukit Aman”. Having seen how the “good dictator” slimes his way through crises after crises over the last 20 years or so, one sort of learn to expect what was forthcoming. The gospel rule is, in assessing any given situation; discount NOTHING, as this “good dictator” indeed stops at NOTHING!

So, the three-month “time out” called for on the eve of the planned picket, really comes as no surprise at all, at all! A tinge of disappointment, yes, surprise, a definite NO!

What transpired is really no different from millions of events that has occurred, and REPEATED, since time in memorial! The biggest irony amongst mankind is that, despite detailed and comprehensive attempts at looking into history, man as a rule, NEVER LEARNS from history! Man, as a rule, have very short memories! It is this very characteristic of man that dictators the world over (both “good” and “bad”) feed on. In the context of this MTUC joke, it is no different. Zainal Rampak, G Rajasekaran and the gang in the Council, all have very short memories.

They are taken in by the “assurance” of the “good dictator” via “wishy-washy” words (Susan Loone, Malaysiakini) that “we will review”, and, “we will defer this or that until a study is carried out…” A simple letter, lo and behold! in the true spirit of Malaysia Boleh, there is no more grievance that cannot wait another three months. (this is of course assuming that there was no call forthcoming from Nairon (the obedient dog) reminding these two gentlemen of “grenades” and “rocket-launchers”, and maybe even Anwar’s black-eye to boot!). At worst, the regime averts another embarrassing distraction from the Asean Labour Ministers’ Conference.

As for MTUC. Pray. Pray very hard that what happened to Suqiu pre and post elections 1999 is now NOT applied to you! I know I have said, we man have very short memories. But please, Suqiu was only 21 months ago! You forget after ONLY 21 months? What the hell are you guys sitting in Council for?