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Hishamuddin Hussin...Don't be a DOPE!
By tv3

30/5/2001 11:01 am Wed

Assalamualaikum/Selamat Sejahtera
Semua Pejuang REFORMASI,

We quote below ad verbatim, what was said by the spineless UMNO youth leader, in Kampung Selamat, Sik, Kedah:

''We want to learn what we did wrong to the extent that Malays turned against Umno. ''We admit we have weaknesses and shortcomings, but I'm from Johor where we've known no other party than Umno. So I am curious, what happened here?''

The answer was given to the spineless Datuk by rubber tapper Mat Jaya Said, further down the article. All the same, we in tv3 feel compelled to make things easier for this spineless DOPE to remember and digest. Go anywhere Datuk, and you will get the same answer in just TWO little words:


Travel you will to all nook and corner with your "gotong royong" teams. FOR AS LONG AS THIS ISSUE IS NOT LOGICALLY CONCLUDED....FORGET THE MALAY VOTES, you can even be from Mars...for all we care!