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What Next for the ISA 8-2?
By tv3

2/6/2001 3:57 pm Sat

Assalamualaikum/Selamat Sejahtera

Semua Pejuang REFORMASI

In just over a week, it will be time for the lap dogs on the hill to proceed with what they have to do with the ISA 10-2. The maximum 60-day detention period will be over. Of course being God's creation without conscience and feeling, these ?defenders of justice and law? interpret the ?60 days? as the period they must detain, instead of the maximum time that they can detain anyone.

Recomendation Submitted

It will interesting to watch what the government will do with the remaining detainess. As if it was not confusing enough, the order to release Ghani and Gobi by the Yang Arif Hishamuddin Yunus, has addded another dimension to the calculations. In a host of issues, the government has been indifferent to the pleas of the common people. Their arrogance has no equal in the world, except maybe Israel.

From investigations carried out by tv3 reporters, and from our moles in the KDN, it has been established that the recomendation is for the minister NOT to sign the detention order. In other words, to release the detainees (illegally detained in the first place). Meaning too that the KPN was talking through his a**e hole when he announced to the world the involvement of grenade-launchers and automatic weapons. Meaning, that the KPN has proven to have prostituted his honour, just to please one sinner. He has compromised his daily vow:

"Sesungguhnya solatku, ibadatku, hidupku dan matiku, hanya kerana Allah ta'ala"

Who Decides?

There can be only one of two possibilities, i.e. to release the eight reformists, or, condemn them to the first two years of (political) detention. But the rakyat abhor the ISA. They have gotten together in full support of the wives of the detainees. They have protested as they have never done before. Even the students made they stand known in no uncertain terms. And finally, after Yang Arif Hishamuddin's landmark judgement, we feel certain that the powers that be are under no illusion that condemning anyone of the eight to Kemunting, is NOT going to be in the best interest of the government, particularly PKMB. Not when the Youth wing is now "dressed in tracksuit bottoms and sweat shirt" in moving in from kampung to kampung literally begging to save a lost cause. ISA means kezaliman, a deed that a large majority of Malay Muslims do not wish to be connected to, let alone condone. They know too that they must avoid giving that impression if they were to seriously harbour any hope of getting back a fraction of the support that they have lost, after what they did to DSAI. And now SUHAKAM, responding positively to the groundswell, is further adding to that pressure, even if, only via press releases.

Who, or, what then "decide" the fate of these "militant" reformists?

We looked at the situation critically and can only conclude that the final decision lies not with what the eight did or did not do, or what police investigations revealed, (because they revealed NOTHING) but by factors that are, (quoting a world reknowned judge) irrelevant. Seems that the decision is set to be the result of a game of poker between the "good" dictator and his deputy.

How do we conclude so?

Consider this. PKMB is nose-diving into irrelevance. Amongst the countless headaches it is now faced with, the one that stands out must be the crisis of inheritence of power. Dollah Bedawi is downright weak (in every sense of the word). His position is by no means secure. The imminent dropping out of Daim (possibily to be replaced by TR) only adds to an already volatile situation. The "good" dictator knows this. In fact engineers this. He does this all the time (to devastating effect)in order to divert attention away from the actual problems plaguing PKMB, so that he becomes indispensable to the party, never mind the fact that the party is no longer needed by the masses.

In the context of the Magnificent 8, the prevailing scenario within PKMB is crucial to their fate. Dollah, by virtue of his KDN ministership will do his utmost to condemn them to Kemunting but not without shifting the blame on to the "good" dictator. The "good" dictator, on the other hand will want to wash his stinking hands off the entire affair and will gladly point fingers to Bedawai should he mishandle the issue. By doing so, he creates yet another chance, to appoint his successor. His most appropriate consideration (for a successor) has always been one who is powerful enough to "protect" his family when the time comes for him to meet with his Creator! (by the way, he does intend to die in office!) He will get away! For whatever this "good" dictator decides, members of the PKMB will simply parrot away:

"We agree. The President is a very far-sighted man!" His "Islamic" adviser Hamid Osman have been known to liken him, as bertaraf Nabi.

So we see. The lives of the ordinary Malaysians, really, is just a breadth away from the whims and fancies of a few power mad creatures. So much for the relevance of the ISA. If we believe in the "goodness" of human beings, think again. Yang Ariff Hishamuddin Yunus put it aptly in court the other day, in response to the prosecution's plea for 48 hours to produce Ghani and Gobi:

"Where is your conscience? Don't you have any?"

That is right. These people have NONE! Just ask Norian Mai!