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The Royal Malaysian Police - What is Wrong?
By tv3

3/6/2001 10:53 pm Sun

Assalamualaikum/Selamat Sejahtera

Semua Pejuang REFORMASI

Over the years, ordinary Malaysians have consistently been fed with news of the Police success stories. On no few ocassion, details of the heroics of the force were carried in the press, assuring our safety. And one that must come strongly into mind was how the efficient force tracked, shot and killed Bentong Kali, the then most feared criminal, within the posh Damansara Heights suburb.

The heroics reported came thick and fast. And there were many of them. Too many, that people started asking questions. Once (in Kota baru) it was nine at one go? A suspected serial rapist shot and killed while trying to escape, (presumably) in handcuffs? A pregnant woman, a kidnapper that must be eliminated? Always, (almost without exception) the "bad guys" are killed. The "good guys", are unscathed. The rakyat cannot help but sense that there has to be something more than meets the eye. Statistics are collected and analysed by certain NGO's. They provided more questions than answers. The scripts were becoming too predictable.

If there was no ready answer, events on the night of 20 Sept 1998 provided some clues. Nothing less than the Unit Tidakan Khas (UTK), stormed a house (within the vicinity where Bentong Kali met his end), and arrested its main occupant, in a manner not unlike the scene out of a gestapo movie! The police's true colours began to appear, albeit still hazily. However, a crispy sharp image was formed when the same man that they arrested, appeared in court 10 days later, battered and bruised, as if mauled by a hungry beast! Aahhh, so the Police is NOT so clean after all!

So what is wrong with the Royal Malaysian Police?

Little Iman, No Taqwa

This has to be the encompassing factor when we attempt to answer the question of what is actually wrong with our police force. More than 90% of the force are Malay Muslims (guesstimate figure). By extension, firmly implanting these two qualities in the force will solve a major chunk of the problems plaguing it. Iman, from this standpoint means to be totally and wholly convinced of life after death. Of the waking up at mahsyar. Of having to account for each and every deed done in carrying out one's duty in the enforcement of law and order, and what follows, the reward (or punishment) of one's deeds! Thouroughly convinced that there will be no Ghani Patail to argue your case, and no Ariffin Jaka to rule in your favour. Just you and your Creator! Meanwhile,Taqwa, though variously defined, can be summed as, carrying out the orders of Allah, and abstaining from what He forbids.

This weakness in iman amongst Police officers, was sufficently manifested, one by a (then) serving senior Special Branch officer, and the other by an ex-IGP (nothing less)! The former exhibited his iman (or the lack of it) by testifying in court that he, " would lie" if told to do so by his superior! Whilst the latter exhibited his, also by testifying in court that, "I cannot find the Ayat that prohibits gambling in the Quraan!" If such defiance of Allah's words can be uttered publicly by very senior police officers, clearly, the situation is indeed critical.

Corruption (of any kind) and zina, are two injuctions in the Quraan. But this is not the forum to quote each one of them. How is it then that these two prohibitions be the favourite pursuits of a Muslim majority force? Forget for a moment, the lance corporals who seek out RM10 from the motorists. How can anyone in the police force afford to smoke a RM800 stick of cigar? We hear too of senior officers with RM15,000 suits, RM3,000 shoes and RM20,000 watches. How in the world can this be possible on a policeman's salary? Next, just randomly walk in to any of the dangdut bars. Segregate the reveillers by profession, and one is likely to find that "policeman" will constitute one of the larger groups, if not the largest.

Here again, blatant disregard of Allah's commandment reflects the degree of taqwa among the police personnel. With little iman and no taqwa, it becomes almost impossible to shape the akhlaq, without which, the police force shall remain as it is, appearing more as gangsters than as preserver of peace.

Insufficent Training

It must be said that all other things wrong with our police force, are consequential to what has been said earlier. Insufficent training per se, cannot be linked to iman and taqwa. However, one can conclude that there has been insufficent emphasis on the spiritual side of life in the force's training programmes. It is not peculiar to Islam alone. All the great religions have their own ingredients for the spiritual well-being of its followers.

What happened during the recent funeral of Allahyarhamah Tok Yan, exposed the utter ignorance a senior police officer, (some pips/crown on shoulders) at crowd control, that he had to be helped by YB Azmin. With just two or three "magic" words, he (YB Azmin) had the crowd seated in obedience, on the road at 1.00 o'clock in the afternoon, thereby enabling DSAI to be brought down from the ambulance that he was in. Clearly, it was a simple matter of public relations. But this police guy failed simply because he opted for brute force, the only language, it seems, the police are capable of communicating in. Obviously, insufficently trained.

Misplaced Sense of Loyalty

Many of us are simply dumbfounded. Isn't the police force suppose to protect law and order and "serve the King" (nation)? Did they not, as part of their passing-out parade, vowed in the name of "God", that they will protect the nation and the safety of its citizens. They have never sworn allegience to the executive, have they? This is a very pertinent issue. Many of our police friends when confronted with this issue, produce the standard answer, "We serve the government of the day." Sadly tho', they have no idea as to who is "the government of the day". The executive and the government of the day it seems, are one and the same person! How pathetic!

It is no wonder then, dozens of reports of wrongdoings have not been acted upon. It is clear that these reports will continue to collect dust, because they are made against the members of "the government of the day". (Whereas, Allah fearing beings make no distinction between "the elite" and "the lesser mortals" when it comes to implementing the law). They would not have accorded PKMB Youth (at the Chinese Assembly Hall) the VIP treatment, but beat the daylights of the reformists at the Kesas Highway, for two similar "offences".

Question. Is this really true of the police force? Is it really fair to assume that the majority of the police personnel are confused lot?

Private and strictly off the record conversation with some personal police friends reveal that this may not be so. Not a small number of those spoken to, are actually gutted with what is happening and are equally sick of having to expose themselves to the wrath and the hatred of the rakyat. Many of them are all but too aware of the jijikness the man on the street now look at them, and indeed the entire profession itself. They plead helplessness and say that it comes with the uniform. But really, are they really that helpless? Does blindly carrying out orders (invoking the rakyat's hatred towards them) really come with the uniform? Whatever happened to "God, King and Country"?

If these private feelings tell the true story, then there can only be one answer. That is, the entire force is being manipulated to serve the collateral agenda of a handful of top officers! People like Musa Hassan and Rodhwan. And if this assumption is accurate, sad as it may be, the entire force MUST take the blame. And if nothing is done to arrest the decay, future aspiring policeman and women will have their work cut out, undoing the massive damage inflicted by these few selfish hypocrites.

Must the majority take all the shit being thrown at them, first by these "interested" persons, and then by the rakyat? Whenever this question is posed to these silent protesters, the standard answer (which yet again) reflects the level of iman and taqwa amongst them: "Cari Makan!"

Sad, because we are now talking Syirik!. So, taking off from obeying superiors with ulterior motives, the average policeman progresses to becoming confused individuals. Next without realising it, these men and women imply that (just like Allah) their immediate superior, the KPN, the PM and ultimately the government are the ones that feed and clothed them and their families.

"Kings" (by virtue of the uniforms) on earth. To the depths of hell-fire? Allahu a'laam.