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Wake up Rais!
By tv3

15/6/2001 12:19 pm Fri

Assalamualaikum/Selamat Sejahtera
Semua Pejuang REFORMASI

Many have written to and about the "learned" minister in-charge of law, Rais Yatim. Not the least amongst them are those penned by Sdr Lim Kit Siang and the open letter by Martin Jalleh both of which appeared in various websites. Just about everyone, expressed their disgust at the minister's stand on the ISA, pre and post his doctorate.

Poor Rais! we cannot but feel for this hypocrite of a man, so obsessed with power that he has absolutely no idea of what it is doing to whatever is left of his dignity and intelligence! Initially, we were inclined recognise the political shrewdness of this "good dictator". But on reflection, if we at tv3, (who's only involvement in politics is confined to just spelling the word) can see through the "good dictator's" manouvering, then what we see happenning reflects more of Rais' stupidity than anything else.

What is really happening

We remember Rais in the days of Semangat 46. We remember how much he hated the "good dictator" as disclosed in his numerous speeches and ceramahs. Of the course the highlight of these resentment must be his thesis for his PhD, (which we won't even mention) which he now claims as, "...purely an academic exercise, and should not be held against me for the rest of my life."

Rais has suddenly become the champion of the ISA. Except on one ocassion where the "good dictator" himself spoke out in defence of this barbaric Act, (at the start of the recent arrests) practically all attempts at justification, have been left to the de-facto law minister. Rais is now left to eat his own puke! And the best part is, he does not even realise it! Unless of course he does so for the sake of the "Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri". Either way, he lays bare his true character and capabilty that it needs no further comment!

PhD in Law

As an after thought. What really is a "doctorate" in law? (After meeting certain requirements) one writes a thesis for a doctorate, be it law or otherwise. If there are others that are worthy of doctorates in law, then it must be the judges, who, in their career must have written hundreds (if not thousands) of judgements. Needless to say, each of these judgements will only be arrived at after lengthy study of the circumstances of each case, the Laws of the country and precedent authorities. God-fearing judges, will without doubt, conduct intensive and extensive research before these judgements are made, lest an innocent party may be wrongly convicted! Surely, some of these written judgements are more worthy of a doctorate than the toilet paper, on which Rais wrote his "academic" masterpiece.

But then again, there is always, the Hacks Judge, the Joker Judge and the 4 tahil Judge!