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P***M**.....SHIT ReVisited
By tv3

27/7/2001 3:40 pm Fri

Assalamualaikum/Selamat Sejahtera

Semua Pejuang REFORMASI

In the normal course of life, one goes through the children years, the adolescent, the youth, adult, middle-age and finally, (before the angels come) one sees through the old age. In the final stages, (normally) time is mostly spent watching the grandchildren grow, reflect on the days gone by, and, most importantly, fine-tune the "preparations" for the inevitable trip into the next world. For, "...every living thing MUST taste DEATH!"

But this "man", love him or hate him, is NOT normal! For one, he is a compulsive liar. Still, the mother of all his abnormalities must be the fact that he can do NO wrong! Everyone and everything else are the causes for his inability to "see his grandchildren grow, reflect on the days gone by and prepare for that inevitable trip!"

The Quraan propogates Corruption?

Living up to his self-proclaimed title of "mahafir'aun", when asked by PAS MP for Jeli Mohd Apandi Mohamad why money politics was prevalent during Mahathir’s tenure as Umno president, he answered, “These people learnt such practices from PAS. However, they dare not use religion and promise a place in heaven because no one went there and came back to tell. So instead, these people use money,”

As ever, mahafir'aun will never hesitate to use ("abuse" would be more appropriate) the Quraan to preach his "you wrong, I right" attitude. He must surely know that money politics in UmCINO has become terminal as a direct result of the "winner take all" policy of his leadership, in every aspect of his administration, party or government. He must know too that not even the Prophet (SAW) can promise heaven (or hell) to anyone, much less PAS. He must know too (of course, believing is another thing) that heaven and hell (who goes there, how to get there, what it is like) are well documented in the Quraan and that it is not necesary to "go there and come back to tell."

Yet he said what he said, to the thunderous applause of the BN MP's, many of who are Muslims. Do they seriously think this would endear them back to the Malay hearts?

Empathy is the Word

I hate liars! And lying is a characteristic of a MUNAFIQ (best translation, "hypocrite"). And MUNAFIQS, Allah promises, will burn in the lowest of hell-fire!

Still, I feel for this "good dictator". Imagine, after a 20 year rule, he is now having to spend his twilight years cleaning up and bailing out. Recently it was Tajudin Ramli (not MAS, mind you). Then it was Halim Saad via TimedotCom. Now, its Halim again through UEM, surely to be closely followed by Halim's (again) RENONG.

One wonders about MRCB, L&G, the (not so successful) BERJAYA, PERWAJA, and a host of others. That is not (yet) taking into account what is now an open secret amongst the banking fraternity, i.e. that the NPL's which were re-scheduled following the 1997 meltdown, are now becoming NPL's again! The total sums owing by these crony companies alone, suffice to say, is enough to bring down whole governments in shame, except of course, the BN government.

It now seems like this good dictator is destined to see out his final years bailing out companies, one after another, even as the angels finally "come for him?"

If responses extracted are any indication, then indeed, it is a desperate situation. A Danasaham director told Reuters, (on the market reaction of the government's offer for UEM) "So far, the response we hear is mixed but more towards the positive side because people are saying that at least we are doing something." (emphasis mine). Sounds so lost! Devoid of any trace of committment! Don't know what the hell to do, just so long as they are "doing something".

Cleaning up of twenty years of hardened shit is by no means an easy feat. But clean up he must, if he ever dreams of saving his legacy, assuming of course, there is still some, worth saving!

That is why we say, we FEEL for this senile dictator. We are only (normal) human. But then, he has himself said, "He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword"

If we can just re-phrase that, we'd say, "He who shitted around for 20 years, will die in SHIT". As it stands, that is this "good dictator's" legacy.....SHIT, just stinking SHIT!