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Prostitutes + Oral S** = Police
By tv3

25/8/2001 9:54 am Sat

Assalamualaikum/Selamat Sejahtera

Semua Pejuang REFORMASI

Its been sometime since we wrote. Deliberate really, because we thought we would be content just sitting back and watching, stupidity after stupidity, that is being demonstrated for all to see. Starting with the arrest of Malaysian Mujahideens which even brain-damaged patients will write-off immediately, as a figment of Tan Sri Mamai’s imagination. A proof therefore that one needs no brains at all to be the IGP. Just a tongue that licks and licks and licks!

Alternatively, Mamai is a PROSTITUTE! Prostituting his conscience, his intelligence (or what little there is), his dignity (or what little there is), his entire career, and, most of all his “chance” of meeting with his Creator, a clean and honourable man. Prostituting them for the “stars" on his shoulders, as if they would save him when he will one day be called to testify! And this man is supposed to have just cleansed himself in Makkah!

So much for the preamble.

SUHAKAM and Police Brutality

SUHAKAM merely confirmed what has been established from day one. That our police force is brutal, bordering on bestiality. In a simpler language, they are no better than trained ANIMALS. “Clang, clang, clang”, goes the bell. They charge and bite and maul. For the “good work”, they will regroup in the red kennels and are fed with nasi bungkus! And at other times, "Anchor" and "Bulldog" are also served for "good measure". They have not an iota of flair for psychology, crowd control and mutual respect for humans, which even dogs of the pariah breed would sometime show. Of course, they are playing to the tune of their political masters. But that is why we have said that they are no better than trained animals! They conveniently hide behind, “…arahan.”

There was another interesting point that we observed, reading extracts of statement by the SUHAKAM commissioners and the affidavit of “Mujahid” Ezam. That pertains to the behaviour of the police personnel when under pressure.

A commissioner had said that, during the inquiry, when pressed with a question, a police officer would not answer, but instead would say something like, “That will be answered by the next officer!” And this, according to the commissioner, is repeated by the subsequent officers, who would come with a prepared text of answers to the questions asked of the preceding officer.

Ezam in his affidavit (I believe sworn and attested) said that his interrogators as a matter of factly, switch topics when pressed for proofs of what they accuse him of. When challenged by Ezam to provide one evidence (from the 256 speeches of his that the dogs monitored) in which he had advocated violence, they backed down.

These proved two things. One, that Malaysian police officers are brainless. Not stupid. Simply brainless. And two, they are accredited bullies. Ready to smash you to pieces, given only half the chance. But of course, only when they outnumber you. In the event they are outnumbered, they “gabra”. They cannot out talk you. How can they? They are after all BRAINLESS!

Come to think of it, how much can you expect? When their leader is a PROSTITUTE! A "brainless prostitute". Wow! What a potent combination!

Fir’aun’s Reaction

Nothing unusual. “SUHAKAM is western in thinking”. “SUHAKAM is not sensitive to the pressures faced by the dogs”. “SUHAKAM this and SUHAKAM that”. But at the end of his blabbering, he says he will soon study the report.

Question. What does one do when one sits on the “crown” in the mornings? Logic tells you that you sit, shit and wash. Always in that sequence. Now the Fir’aun’s shoot first then study the report, is akin to, wash first, then shit! Absolute senility at its peak! Coming from a Prime Minister, multiple the effect by a factor of TEN!

P***M** the S*xual Pervert

Having shown the world a graphic description of the art of mas******ion, the old bloke now wanders why schoolchildren engage in oral s*x in the classrooms. (The Star Thu 23AUG01). The police (it seems) did a wonderful job in catching the culprits! For that, the agung may want to consider a second Tan Sri for their chief. (Remember Dugong?)

What we all want to know from the brainless police people is, What the hell are you doing, catching school children engaging in oral s**? What about the reports lodged by Ezam on abuse of authority by the PM? The Rafidah Aziz ACA Papers? The Rahim Thambi (with ball-bearing) scr**ing underaged girl? The Fauzi Rahman Report on Khalil's abuse of timber coup quota? Oh c'mon you police morons. You have absolutely no respect for your own careers, do you? You have to be the lowest scum in the shit pot! No, we are not condoning what the students did. But students are the responsibility of their teachers and parents. Hey the police must be out man! Out in the REAL world, catching real bad guys!

As if to live up to his acute senility status, the idiot insinuates that the blame must fall on the religious teachers! For once we agree with the P***M**! By "religious teachers" he must be referring to Astora Jahat, Dusuki Ahmad, Hamid Osman and Hamid Zainal Abidin!

Oral s*x & Porn VCD's

There are arguments that swear that these two are positively correlated. Let's just agree with that view. Then surely the present crackdown on porn VCD's would eliminate/reduce incidences of oral s** in the classrooms. Yes?

NO! MGG Pillai, in one of his articles, feels that the crackdown is purely targeted at the upstarts. Those joining in the bandwagon, what with "normal" businesses all but dead. As soon as these upstarts are "put in their proper places", "crackdown" becomes "die-down". And we in tv3 totally agree with MGG. We would love to know from Tan Sri Mamai. How is this (so called) crackdown by your moronic robots (or robotic morons, if you please) affecting the business of your good friend on the Kepong-Sungai Buluh highway? The friend who possibly is the country's largest importer/distributor of pirated and obscene VCD's. Surely you know who we mean? Well at least many of your senior officers know of your "abang-adik" relationship! Or is there a "crackdown allowance"? Tell us, no, tell your conscience, what money did you use to perform the Haj? Have you ever wondered why you have been slipping from bad to worse ever since your return from your "cleansing" trip?

Prostitutes Aplenty

Tan Sri Mamai can console himself. He is not the only prostitute in Bolecistan.(the new name for Bolehland since the KMM affair) Tengku Rithauddin, Zaki Tun Azmi are the others. Why, they are members of the so called disciplinary committee of the irrelevant party. In the Bahagian Kuantan mess, they have found Faisal (and two other ikan bilis) guilty and suspended them for varying terms. They are prostitutes because they have absolved Wan Adnan of any wrongdoing.

It is an open secret that the Kuantan Wanita chief testified that when Wan Adnan's cheque for the payment of a trip to Haadyai (or thereabouts) by a busload of Wanita delegates bounced due to insufficent funds, the money was made good by one Khalil Akob! And of course Faisal has shown his dissatisfaction by coming out with the "evidences" of Wan Adnan's guilt. We can only deduce that the instruction is, ("arahan" in Malay) Wan Adnan must be absolved of wrongdoings. Finding otherwise will implicate this Khalil Akob! Its a "dog eat dog" situation out there now!

For all you prostitutes I have a question. Just who the f**k are you trying to bluff?

Sometimes I wonder, do I really need to write again?